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The next 3 months – Finally Take Off!

Starting A Call Center in the Philippines – Part 2 In the previous article, I talked about struggling a bit in getting going with our call center. The New Campaign (Hopeful) With it becoming obvious that we weren’t going to be seeing much money any time soon with the sales campaign we had, I had been looking for other ideas and around Christmas time and to find some prospective clients. I had one of the girls in the office fire out an email I drafted to a bunch of US...

First Three Months – Feels Like a Bust!

Starting A Call Center in the Philippines – Part 1 Starting Out I have outsourced labor on and off since 2002. I  came to the Philippines for the first time in May of 2010 and aside from a 9 month hiatus last year, have lived here ever since. Prior to my trip back to the Philippines in September 2013, I lost my client which had been paying my bills for more than a year. They laid off 2000 independent contractors leaving me at square zero. This put me into a...